Fernando Aguera Guitarist

House Concerts

           Have you ever thought in having a talented artist performing in the comfort of your home?

              Find out why you’ll love hosting a house concert:

    * It’s innovative – a fresh new concept of supporting local artists and appreciating music, bringing culture and art to your living room. It will definitely make an impact on your guests.

    * It’s personal - you’ll be in the comfort of your home, listening to every note and every word the artist has to share, surrounded by your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family. 

    * It’s fun – you can have a drinks reception before the concert or a dinner or party afterwards. You and your guests will love it!

    * It’s sustainable – supporting the local young professionals in your community and giving your guests a chance to attend a high standard, affordable concert in a cosy and safe environment.

    * It’s a privilege – in the past, only the royal, the noble and the wealthy could afford to have private house performances for their entertainment. Now it is available to you in an affordable format. A great way of impressing your friends and providing them with a creative evening in.

    * It’s pure culture – you can listen to the professional classic guitarist Fernando Aguera, who comes all the way from Brazil and has an amazing repertoire that will keep you and your guests asking for more.

    * It’s affordable - you and your guests will only pay a small donation to the artist, there won’t be the usual expensive drinks, restaurant bills and taxi fares of a night out.

Find out how to host your first house concert:  


    - Contact Fernando Aguera on fernando_aguera@hotmail.com or 075 3209 4732;            - Arrange a date, a format and a price for the concert; the concert could be cover through donations by the guests or by the host;                                                                   - Invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to a concert at your home;
    - Inform the artist of the number of guests and set suggested price of donations*;

*(You might prefer to cover the costs by yourself, which is  £95 + transport.)


    - Set up your living room/garage/basement/attic in a concert layout;
    - You may wish to have a drink reception/canapés/finger food/dinner/party before or after the concert;
    - Enjoy 60 minutes of live music; (the lenght of the concert could be adapted)
    - Guests pay host who pays artist, just after the concert;


    - Listen to your friends telling you they had a wonderful time    

    - Give the artist’s card to your guests

    - Talk to the artist